Josephine Proul / Chef & Owner
Executive Chef of Local 111, Josephine Proul is the 2013 recipient of the fourth Annual Victoria A. Simons Locavore Award for her commitments to using local products and community growth in the small town of Philmont, New York. She is a local food “Networker” cultivating lasting relationships with farmers, Chefs, Purveyors and her community. Chef Proul is a 6th generation Californian with strong roots in Sicilian heritage and food culture taught with the gentle hand of her grandfather beginning as a small child, stirring risottos and hand grinding fresh sausages, family influenced all the food culture that Chef Proul claims, and with her childhood surrounded by a family support system that gathered around the dinner table together almost every weekend, Chef Proul became exposed to food culture before she could walk.

Chef Proul represents her Food skills not only with her 14 years of industry experience, but as well with a Bachelors Degree in Culinary Arts From New England Culinary Institute. In 2008 Chef Proul became the executive chef and General Manager of Local 111 Restaurant in Philmont, NY. Local 111 is farm to table and seasonal in Claverack, NY of Columbia County, The heart of the Hudson Valley, Neighboring the Berkshires. Focusing on food geared towards the ever changing “Local” in up State New York, with a majority sourced from Columbia County. Chef Proul is representing as the Executive Chef, Pastry Chef & Bread Baker, General Manager, FOH Manager, Wine Program, Networker, Event/Catering planner, all around honest food and small business supporter in the Hudson Valley/Berkshire Region. Over all the goal of Chef Proul is to cultivate relationships between her guests at Local 111 and farmers in a way that supports future growth in; farmers markets, food education, season extension and a community and all around locally sourced food culture.